.::. PVC Column Pipes .::.

FABA column pipes are produces in latest technology and formula. Have high holding capacity, economic and easy intallation.

FABA column pipes are rigid with high impact resistence.

Square threads are designed for high load, these pipes do not corode and be distorted for long years.

Specially developed 'O' ring prevent air and water leakages, dampen the vibrations and increase the life of the submersible pump, it makes 100 % leak proof joint at high pump pressure.

Its smooth wall improve flow of the water by reducing loss caused by friction.
PVC  column pipes do not react with acidic and alcalis water.
During erection & removal of column pipes you should hold the coupler by pipe wrwnch/clamp then remove or fit the upper pipes. Do not disturb seal.
Clean the threads with clean water before use.
Check the rubber ring if broken than replace. Do not use oil, grease & solvent on threads.
Long Life Less Electricity cost
Non Corrosive Resistance to chemical
Light Weight Prevent bacterial growth
Easy to install Non conductor to heat - electricity
Continuous Flow Non toxic
PVC Column Pipes  Technical Data
OD:42 mm (1 1/4") NB: 32 mm 2600 1500 250
OD:60 mm (2") NB: 50 mm 4700 2850 250
OD:75 mm (2 1/2") NB: 65 mm 5000 2700 160
OD:88 mm (3") NB: 80 mm 7000 4000 170
OD:113 mm (4") NB: 110 mm 10300 5700 150
OD:140 mm (5") NB: 125 mm 1500 9050 150